Amawaterways to Launch Largest River Vessel

5:45 a.m. EDT) — Following the Wednesday christening of its newest ship, AmaKristina, AmaWaterways has revealed it will launch a new Danube-based river vessel in 2019 that is set to be the largest in the world.

To be named AmaMagna, the behemoth will have the same length, height and draft as the line’s other vessels, but at 22 meters it will be twice as wide, allowing for larger cabins — most about 300 square feet — with a capacity for 194 passengers (40 more than Crystal Mozart).

Its width also means it will be the only ship docked in ports that allow two-deep berthing.

Rudi Schreiner, AmaWaterways’ co-owner and president, said the new ship will feature ocean-style cabins, multiple dining venues (including outdoor dining), an elevator that goes all the way to the top of the ship, a heated top-deck pool and hot tub with bar, expanded entertainment and spa offerings and a water sports platform with zodiacs, canoes and other recreational equipment.

The ship will also boast a fitness center large enough for small group classes, hosted as part of the line’s new wellness program, which will roll out next year to one ship per river.

AmaMagna shipbuilder Koert Kamphuisen of Vahali Shipyard said the vessel will be green, using propulsion that’s a hybrid of diesel and electric engines. In total, there will be 10 small engines, with just four used for propulsion. If more power is needed, electric ones will be used.

“In the end, we expect to save 20 to 25 percent more fuel,” Kamphuisen said, noting that smaller engines also mean less noise.

Construction began on March 6 at Vahali’s headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. When the hull is completed, the vessel will be finished at the company’s facility in Holland. Because its size will prohibit it from being towed directly to Holland by tugboat, it will instead be taken by freighter via the Black Sea.

AmaMagna is the second of two new ships officially ordered for delivery in 2019. AmaMora, whose name Schreiner said was just chosen Thursday, will be similar to AmaKristina and sail Rhine itineraries.

The line is also considering three additional ships for 2019 to sail the Douro, Irrawaddy and Ganges rivers.

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