Bermuda’s Nine Parishes

(Courtesy of Travel Institute)

Bermuda’s Nine Parishes


Destination knowledge is critical to your job as a travel consultant. Today let’s take a look at Bermuda’s nine parishes from The Travel Institute’s Destination Specialist Caribbean course.  


In 1616 the islands were surveyed and divided into tribes (shares of land), each one named after a member of the original Bermuda Company. These tribes are today’s nine parishes. From west to east the parishes are:


  • Port for mega ships, westernmost parish
  • Bermuda Arts Centre showcases Bermuda artists
  • Bermuda Maritime Museum, artifacts from the Sea Venture
  • Casemate Barracks in the Dockyard
  • Clocktower Mall, shopping center at Dockyard
  • Dolphin Quest, swim with dolphins at Dockyard
  • Royal Naval Dockyard, port, entertainment, and shopping complex
  • Somerset Village, one of Bermuda’s five main settlements
  • Somerset Bridge, world’s smallest drawbridge


  • Church Bay public beach for snorkeling
  • Horseshoe Bay, the most photographed beach. In 2012 the bay got Wi-Fi
  • Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (built in 1846), tallest Bermuda structure with 185 steps to top


  • Two fine public golf courses
  • Cliffs and beaches on the south shore
  • Long Bay Beach


  • Across the bay from Hamilton
  • Botanical Gardens with an orchid house, fruit groves, and formal gardens
  • Camden, historic house in typical Bermudian architecture
  • Hungry Bay, national park and nature reserve
  • King Edward VII Memorial Hospital
  • Salt Kettle Peninsula, a ferry terminal

Pembroke:  with Hamilton, the capital and a port

  • City Hall, seat of government
  • Fort Hamilton
  • Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, sponsor of the Newport-to-Bermuda race.
  • Underwater Exploration Institute


  • Arboretum
  • National Sports Centre
  • U.S. Consulate General


  • Devil’s Hole, sinkhole that forms a natural aquarium
  • Harrington Sound, for fishing, sailing, kayaking, and viewing
  • Spittal Pond, island’s largest nature reserve, and wildlife sanctuary
  • Verdmont, manor house unchanged since the late 1700s

Hamilton Parish: (different from the site of the city)

  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo
  • Crystal Caves, natural limestone caves
  • Flatt’s Village, one of Bermuda’s five main settlements „ Mangrove Lake
  • Swizzle Inn

St. George’s:

  • Port
  • Bermuda Trust Museum
  • Former U.S. Naval Air Station; Lighthouse Hill; the Natural Arches
  • Tucker’s Town, one of Bermuda’s five main settlements
  • King’s Square in St. George’s, Designated World Heritage Site
  • Forts surrounding St. George’s
  • St. Peter’s Church (1617), oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere

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