My First Travel News Letter

May 30, 2017

Tourwithdave Travel tips

First edition

As most of you know I love to travel. Also I enjoy researching and learning new things about places and events.  So I thought I would share a few items I have come across in the past few weeks and months.  This is not intended to be in-depth but just to give you enough information so you will want to go and find out more for yourself.  So let’s begin.


As some of you know I took a group to Cuba about a year ago.  We really had a great time.  Since that time a lot of cruise ships have announced they are going to include Cuba in their itinerary. The latest to do so just a few days ago is Holland America.  They will begin sailing to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale starting on December 22nd of this year.  It will be aboard the Veendam.  Most of the cruise ships that are going to Cuba usually stay docked in Havana for a day or two and then go to other places in the Caribbean.

One interesting thing about travel to Cuba is that it has not been as big a draw as many of the American based airlines thought it would.  Therefore some of the flights that were announced have been cut back.  There are plenty of seats still available but you might not have a large a selection as you did six months ago.

Finally on Cuba you still are required to list one of 12 reasons why you want to go to Cuba.  Just to go to beach does not count.  The most popular is “people to people” tours where you go out and meet many of the average Cubans and even stay in some of their homes.  We did this on our trip and it was just as good as staying in a Bed and Breakfast here in America.  A visa is required to go to Cuba.

Mississippi Delta

If you have not been to the Mississippi Delta recently you should go.  One new attraction that is getting a lot of attention is the Grammy Museum in Cleveland.  There are two Grammy Museum in America, one in Los Angeles and the other in Cleveland, Mississippi. The reason Cleveland was selected was because per capita there are more Grammy winners from the Mississippi Delta area than anywhere else in America.  Now that is saying something.

There is a large Taylor Swift exhibit at the museum until August of this year.  Also you will have a chance to see a ten minute video about Taylor Swift and all the Grammys she has won.  It is really professionally done.  In addition they also have a wonderful film that showcases all of the Grammy winners across the decades.  By now they will have the 2017 Grammy winners included in the film.  The cost is only about ten dollars to get in.  So it is quite reasonable

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Mississippi Delta

I recently took 44 Mississippi Gulf Coast residents to the Mississippi Delta.  Many people when the word “Mississippi Delta” is mentioned wonder why you would want to go there.

But there is so much to see and do in the Mississippi Delta.  There is so much music and great food and then there are the wonderful museums in the region.

The Grammy Museum in Cleveland is a must for anyone who is traveling to the Delta. There is a new Taylor Swift exhibit there which will be at the Museum thorough August of this year.  While I am not a huge Taylor Swift fan I thought the ten minute video showing all the awards and some of her major songs was really well done. Then there is an entire room where you learn so much about the Grammy award winner.

One of the highlights for me at the museum is the soundstage that shows all of the Grammy winners.  It is about a twenty minute film and I watched it twice this time at the museum.  There is country, gospel, rock and rap represented.  It is so well done.  You see several seconds of some of the major artist of our time.

In addition you have the chance to play musical instruments at the museum but no one but you will hear how it sounds. This is something that even those who do not play an instrument will find interesting.  The cost to get into the museum is only ten dollars and it is worth every penny.  The museum is open year round.

Another place to visit in the Delta is the Delta Blues Museum located on Highway 61 in Leland, Ms.  There you will find a wide variety of articles and posters showing the major blues artist of our time. If you are lucky you might find Pat Thomas singing to the visitors to the museum.   His dad Son Thomas was one of the most popular blues singer to come out of Leland, Mississippi.  He will entertain you with his singing as well as draw a cat caricature for you.

The cost to get into the museum is only six dollars so it is quite a bargin.  The museum is open every day and the two times I have been there you rarely see anyone there.  It is a hidden gem in the Delta.

Another small museum in the Delta is the Jim Henson museun in Leland.  There you will learn how Jim Henson was inspired about his surroundings to design the various muppet characters.  You can have your picture taken with Miss Piggy and many other Muffets. There is no charge to visit this museum but a donation is accepted.

If you want to see where the blues began in the Delta then head out to Dockery Farms just a few miles outside Cleveland.  At one time it was a thriving plantation with hundreds of workers.  After work many of the planation workers would love to play where is known to us as the Blues.   So over time historians say this is where the Blues really started in the Delta.  There are a few buildings still standings and they are located right off the road.  There are a few buttons to push on some of the buildings which tells the story of how Blues started on the plantation.

It is rustic but authenic and something that I like to see when I travel.

At a later time I will add some of the wonderful restaurants we had a chance to visit.