July 29, 2017

Number Three Travel Log


This week June and made a trip over to the “Big Easy”.  We had a number of places where we needed to visit and as you know parking is expensive in New Orleans if you can find an empty lot.

So, I decided to down load the Uber app on my smart phone.  I had more problems that I thought I should getting them to recognize my credit card but with their tech folks help I got it done.

We stayed at the Whitney Hotel on Poydras.  It was a nice hotel.

June and I used Uber six different times Dave’s Travel Blog

while we were in New Orleans.  We were picked up within three to five minutes after I put the information in the app where we wanted to go.

Also, the app tells you who the driver will be and what type of vehicle they are in.

Since your credit card is on file with Uber you don’t pay the driver any money it shows you the charge.  I always gave the driver a couple of dollars for a tip but you can do that on the app if you don’t have any money on you.

For the six trips, we made around New Orleans which were within a few miles of each other our cost was about six to seven dollars per ride.  I figure a taxi would have cost at least four or five dollars more plus the wait time.

All the Uber drivers were quite nice.  A good mix between male and female.  Most did it to make some extra money.  All the vehicles were clear.

Also, another thing to know is you can request an Uber ride thirty days out.

Our first Uber ride in New Orleans I had requested 24 hours ahead and since it was my first time I was concerned it would not arrive.  But about five minutes before the prearranged time I received a message that the driver was on his way.

Maybe too many of you this is old hat.  But for us this was stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something new.

I know I will do this again the next time I go to New Orleans.  Stress free.

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