Travel to Cuba has Cooled

The 2017 survey showed that 40 percent of Americans would be interested in taking a trip to Cuba (two percent fewer than in 2016) while the easing of travel restrictions made just 26 percent of Americans more interested in visiting the country (nine percent fewer than 2016). Seventy-six percent reported being unlikely to plan a trip to Cuba (six percent more than 2016).

Although Americans are losing interest in traveling to Cuba, the survey showed that 17% of Americans felt the recent announcements of cruise lines now sailing to Cuba has made them more interested in visiting the Caribbean island.

What are American’s biggest travel concerns about visiting Cuba?

  • 38% Safety concerns
  • 22% Lack of Cuba’s travel experiences
  • 13% Travel infastructure
  • 12% Fear of communist government
  • 9% Internet/mobile connectivity

The survey also measured sentiment and discovered that 34 percent of Americans think Cuba has changed for the better because of as a result of the U.S. having eased travel restrictions to the country.

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What makes Americans interested in visiting Cuba?

  • 32% Resorts and beaches
  • 23% Cuba’s cultural attractions
  • 13% Cuban food and rum
  • 9% Cuban people
  • 9% Classic 1950s American cars
  • 7% Cuban cigars
  • 7% Family and friends

The survey also found that 15 percent of Americans believe the peace of mind of having travel insurance would make them more interested in traveling to Cuba.

The survey was administered from April 11, 2017 through April 13, 2017 and received 1,514 responses.

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