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Just wanted everyone to know that I have a trip to Charleston South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia next March.  The six day, five night trip just cost $565.00.  If you would like to see all the details about the trip just go to Grouptrips.com and when you get to the landing page just type in Tourwithdave.

Or you can contact me at 228-896-5469.  I already have 18 folks signed up so the trip it will probably sell out fast.

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Number Five

August 19, 2017

Recently June and I had a chance to visit the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium in New Orleans.

I had heard about it for years but never took the time to make a visit.  The zoo or aquarium always seemed more interesting to me.

However, after a visit I must state how wrong I was.  This facility is one of the most interesting I have visited in quite a while.  In fact, it is the largest free-standing museum in the United States devoted to the 900,000-plus species of insects and their relatives.

It is located at 423 Canal Street in the Custom House.  Since it is a federal building you will have to have your purse searched and go through a metal detector.  However, that only took a minute and was not a big deal.

The butterfly garden is one of the best I have ever seen. There are butterflies darting here and there as you walk thorough a unique Japanese garden.  So many varieties to see as you make your way along the garden pathway.

As part of the butterfly garden you will get to watch some butterflies in their metamorphosis.  The exhibit shows them in the various stages from being a caterpillar and finally turning into a beautiful butterfly or moth.

There are so many interesting exhibits inside the museum.  One display showed many of the insect’s native to our area including the Formosan termite which has done so much damage to New Orleans and is now in our area as well.

Also, there is a multi-sensory theater which features celebrity voices, animatronic hosts and seats that move as the movie progresses.  Quite a thrill.  One young child had to leave during our sessions as the seat movement was a little too much.

The cost for all of this is just $14.95 for seniors and $19.95 for adults.  Children two to twelve pay the same as seniors.

The museum is open Tuesdays through Sundays from ten a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Also, there is a cafeteria where you can get a hamburger or hotdog.  However, if you are more adventurous you can try chocolate chip cookies made with crickets or some crispy meal worms with a wonderful sauce.  I tried several things and found them quite good.  June decided to pass

The next time you are in New Orleans visit the museum and enjoy the world of insects.


.Breaking News:  I have a few seats available on my upcoming trip to Colorado in September.

The dates are September 15-25.  The cost for the trip is only $929.00 based on double occupancy.  If you want a room by yourself just add $359.00

We will be touring the Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Royal Gorge, the Prairie Museum of Art and History in Colby, Kansas as well as the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas. This is just a small example of the things we will do on this trip.

If you would like more details on this trip go to grouptrip.com and when you get to the landing page just type in tourwithdave and it will show you the highlights of this trip and others.  Also you can give me a call at 896-5469.

I started TourwithDave after I retired from WLOX Television in 2013.  I have always loved to travel and I wanted to share my enthusiam with others. Since 2013 I have taken South Mississippi residents on many bus trips across America and Canada.  My first trip was to the Biltmore near Ashville, North Carolina.  This year I plan on taking three bus trips across America.  I work with a company called Diamond Tours out of Florida.

Overseas Trips

Another aspect of what I do is organize overseas trips mainly with Viking River cruises.  So far I have taken travelers on the Danube, Rhine, Mein and Douro Rivers of Europe.  We have traveled to Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland.

This year I plan on taking travelers to China and Iceland.  There is still room for anyone that would like to travel with us.

Let me help you

If you need any help in planning a trip let me help you.  I enjoy researching and helping folks who maybe want to go to Europe or Asia but do not know where to start.

What Are Bus Trips Like?

Many folks wonder what it is like to take a bus trip.  They fear that you are on a cramp bus that never stops.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Diamond Tours the company I work with bids out the trip to a regional bus company.  The buses are usually no more than three to five years old.  Many of them have WiFi on board.  While each bus has a bathroom we urge our travelers to try and wait until a rest stop.  by the way we take a rest stop every two to two and a half hours.  Most of the buses can hold 55 passengers.  However, I like to take 45 to 46 folks which gives us a little more breathing room on the bus.

My Philosophy on Bus Travel

I really have only one rule on my trips. That is to be on time.  Thank goodness I have had only a couple of times when someone was late.  It you travel with me I urge my travelers to actually be five minutes early than the posted time.

Bus travel is really about family.  You get to know so many nice folks.  We like to bring snacks on board the bus and then exchange them with each other.  It is a way to have that down home atmosphere that I like to have on my trips.

Who Goes on Bus Trips

Most folks who like to go on bus trips just don’t want to worry about driving downtown New York or Washington.  They are folks who want to be able to sit back and watch the scenery as they travel down the road instead of worrying about whether they are on the right street.  Most of my bus travelers are fifty years old and up.  However there is no age requirement.

Senior Travel is My Passion

While I take folks on trips across the world, senior travel is really my calling.  I really enjoy working with seniors and helping them enjoy trips across our great country.

Often times seniors do not want to drive in big cities and who can blame them.  So the bus trips really are a great way to see the country without having the hassle of driving yourself.

Also I think senior travel is a great way for all of us to make sure we still get out and interact with people.  As we get older it is more and more important that we have social interaction with others.  Bus travel allows this to happen.

One female traveler paid me the best compliment one time she said, “David you have your own ministry, helping older folks enjoy their country.” I had never thought about it that way before.  It really made an impact on me and I so grateful that I am able at this time in my life to be a guide to seniors in their travels.

Tour to Norway in June 2018

Here is information on my trip to Norway next year


Sail across the Arctic Circle to the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia, where the midnight sun bathes the spectacular coastline in light 24 hours a day.

Then follow the path of Vikings from Nordic splendor to Scottish wonder. This is an unparalleled exploration from the far-north beauty of North Cape, or Nordkapp, to the remote outposts of Scotland’s Shetland and Orkney Islands.

Two historic cities bookend your journey: Bergen, where an overnight stay lets you explore this former Hanseatic League city in depth, and Edinburgh, where medieval glory mingles with classic beauty. KEY FEATURES •

15-day cruise visiting 3 countries & 12 ports with a private veranda stateroom

• 11 included excursions / 1 overnight • Scenic cruising through the Norwegian & the North Sea •

On average, 10 hours spent each day in port

• All onboard meals

• Wine/beer/soft drinks with lunch & dinner on board.

The cost of the trip is around seven thousand dollars.

Please call me at 228-596-5070 for more information.